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A local, handy, experienced, and friendly team of plumbers is what awaits you when you call our team. 

We’ve been serving the local community of Chester for many years, supporting homeowners and commercial businesses and properties who need a reliable and trustworthy plumber. 


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What make us different

We’re different from our competition because we listen to our customers. We don’t bamboozle you with plumbing jargon, and we get the job done effectively and efficiently.

What’s more, we’re also available day and night, 365 days of the year in an emergency. So whether your pipes have burst, your boiler has suddenly gone on the blink, our team of experts can be with you in no time, and due to the large stock of parts and equipment we hold, can have you up and running again in no time.

We aim to offer you the best plumbing services around, with quality workmanship guaranteed, and we will always be open, fair, and honest with all of our prices – there are no hidden surprises with us.

If you’re looking for a plumber in Chester and you’re thinking about some pipework maintenance in and around your property, call the team today on 01606 374 020; we’d be happy to help.

Plumbing Tools in Bathroom Ready to Repair leaking

Guaranteed repairs matched with a free quote

We know when it comes to adding a new power shower to your existing bathroom suite or upgrading your bathroom entirely, maybe you’re looking to install new radiators, etc., plumbing and pipework can soon seem a costly job.

But with Northwich Plumbers, it doesn’t have to be.

Whether you have a dripping tap (the most annoying sound ever), you need a professional bathroom fitter to install your new suite, or you would like to move some radiators and pipework around your home, we keep our prices fair, and the quality of our work high.

That’s why so many people continue to use us as the benefits of working with our trusted team means: 

  • You’re guaranteed competitive prices.
  • All work and repairs carried out are guaranteed and under warranty.
  • We save you time and money.
  • We minimise disruption.
  • The quality of our work and processes is second to none.
  • We can install new plumbing systems, including the installation of bathrooms and kitchen appliances.
  • We carry out numerous repairs.
  • We offer boiler maintenance and an annual service plan.
  • We’re available 24/7 in an emergency!



A variety of plumbing repairs

We know that repairs in the plumbing world come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we make sure all of our engineers have the right tools, equipment, and surplus stock with them at all times, to help them get the job done effectively and efficiently.

What this means to you…no more dripping tap, leaks in pipes, overflowing toilet, or more!

We always aim to ensure we save you money and time before these minor repairs turn into much bigger jobs and cause more damage.

Boiler maintenance plans and servicing

Sometimes boilers can be slightly temperamental, and the last thing anyone wants is their boiler to stop working altogether. If this does happen, don’t panic; all of our plumbers are gas safe registered and have many years’ experience with a variety of boilers and combi boilers. We will talk you through all work required and solutions that will be needed.

If you notice pressure dropping on your boiler, or maybe your radiators are only lukewarm, your hot water may be too hot – let us investigate the problem for you.

We’d also recommend that boilers are serviced annually. Helping to provide them with a clean, removing all dirt and debris, and checking that they remain as energy efficient as they need to be – again helping to keep your monthly energy bills low.

Unblocking drains

Unfortunately, over time drains do tend to become blocked and clogged with a variety of waste and products that really shouldn’t be placed down our drainage systems.

We come fully equipped, ready to tackle all blocked drains, check them for cracks and holes, etc. to ensure no damage has occurred.

Helping to clear drains quickly and effectively for our team is key, as we want the water to be flowing fully and bad smells to be eradicated quickly.

Bathroom installation and renovation

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom suite to new, or you would like to add additional appliances to your existing suite, our bathroom fitters in Chester have years of experience to help achieve the bathroom of your dreams!

We know new bathrooms and even bathroom appliances don’t come cheap; that’s why we ensure that all pipework is 100% perfect and that these pieces are installed safely and securely.

Emergency services

We offer an emergency helpline number (01606 374020) if you experience a burst pipe, broken boiler, toilet suddenly overflowing, etc.

Our team knows the local area of Chester like the back of their hand, so can be with you asap. We will also talk through your problem on the phone, advising how you can turn your water off until we reach you to avoid further damage and complications.

Services for landlords

Besides boiler maintenance and servicing for our residential customers, we also support landlords and letting agents making ourselves the go to plumbers in Chester to provide regular servicing on all properties where boiler systems are installed.

Having your boilers serviced annually is a legal requirement for landlords to carry out on their property. We want to help you with this by providing cost-effective maintenance contracts.

Landlords and letting agents also trust our services and our emergency response, using us when they need us most.

If you have a particular service or question that you would like to speak to us about, call 01606 374020, and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.

A plumber you can rely on

We understand how difficult and time consuming it can be to find a reputable plumber in Chester. We also know that in plumbing situations, not just anyone will do.

You need a plumbing team with experience, know-how, a good reputation, who is professional in every way, who is gas safe registered, and who is ready and able to tackle any job that comes their way.

You need Northwich Plumbers.

We have trained, qualified, competent plumbers who boast fantastic customer reviews and online testimonials and who continue to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

We’re competitively priced and can help with any repairs or new plumbing work that you may require.

Don’t forget we’re also available in an emergency!

For further information and advice, call us on 01606 374 020.