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Our 24-hour emergency contact us to provide our customers peace of mind that a team member is available 365 days of the year, day or night!

We have the experience, skill, and expertise to be able to not only respond quickly to an emergency but provide you with a workable solution too.

For a 24-hour emergency plumbing service, you can rely on make sure to call

Need an Emergency Plumber

Burst pipe?

Toilet overflowing suddenly?

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Heating on the blink?

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Emergency plumbing repairs 

Plumbing is one of your property’s most important components, and if something goes wrong, it can be disastrous.  This is not only time consuming for you but also costly and a huge inconvenience. 

Fixing and maintaining leaky taps and pipes is vital to ensuring that problems don’t escalate further.  

We won’t bamboozle you with plumbing jargon at Northwich Plumbing.  Instead, we provide a straightforward explanation before carrying out any repair work to your home. 

Ultimately, we provide you with the best solutions to fix the problem asap, causing minimal disruption and upset. 

Call us on 01606 374 020 and in an emergency 01606 374020. 

That’s why our emergency plumbing services include: 

  • An emergency plumbing line 
  • Full plumbing installations 
  • Kitchen and bathroom pipework repairs and installations 
  • Leak repairs 
  • Blockage removal 
  • Replacement of all broken pipes and taps 
  • Regular maintenance checks 
  • Boiler servicing, and more. 

In an emergency, we’re a local plumbing company you can rely on 24/7.  We will never leave you with no service, and we have a range of spares and parts with us so we can deal with burst pipes, overflowing toilets, broken boilers, and more! 

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Emergency plumber near me

We’re based in Northwich; however, our emergency plumbers also provide services throughout:












Types of plumbing emergency

Dripping taps

Leaking pipes

Frozen pipes

Toilet problems

Extremely hot water

Leaking water heater

Clogs and blockages

Problems with your sump pumps

Waste smells

Gas leak

Burst pipes

And much more.

We’re available to answer your questions and queries and to help put your mind at ease as much as we can. 

what to do

What to do in a plumbing emergency

No matter how big or even how minute the emergency, the first thing to do is not to fret – (easier said than done, we know, but staying calm helps you to remain level-headed). 

Now that we’re not panicking, we need to act with speed, assessing the situation and minimising damage as quickly as possible. 

First things first, call your local emergency plumber Northwich on 01606 374020, and we will be with you asap, providing much-needed help and support. 


  1. Turn off your water.  Depending on the type of emergency, the first thing to do is to locate the valve and shut off the water feed.  Ideally, using the isolation valves, so you only shut off the water to the broken appliance rather than the whole house. 
  2. Check your water heater.  Ideally, you need to turn this off to prevent overheating and bursting the valves in the unit.  Note:  you must turn off the gas first if you are running a gas water heater. 
  3. Tackle any small leaks head-on.  Using old towels, stuff these around the leak, placing a bucket underneath to catch any drips.  If you have any duct tape to hand (we’ve provided some handy tips below for an emergency plumbing toolkit), use this around the leak as a temporary fix until the professionals arrive! 
  4. Patiently wait until help arrives.  With Northwich plumbers, you will never wait too long, and we are always available at the other end of the phone until we reach you. 


It’s never too late to be prepare 

Okay, so we understand that you can’t plan for a plumbing emergency; hence, why we call it an emergency, but we can be a little bit more prepared as homeowners for such eventualities. 

At Northwich, we recommend creating your very own emergency plumbing tool kit that you can have to hand in an instant. 

Items that you will need in your kit include: 

  • A bucket 
  • A plunger 
  • Wrenches (and if possible, pliers) 
  • A selection of Allan keys is always handy to have 
  • Sealing tape (for leaks) 
  • Towels….and spare towels 
  • Duct tape! 

It’s also important that you know and familiarise yourself with your isolation valves. 

The item that will turn off your water in an emergency and stop it from causing considerable damage.  You can find isolation valves on taps, toilets, radiators, etc. Turning these off asap helps you deal with the leaky problem without turning the water off to the entire house. 

Trust us when we say that being overly prepared is much better and, in some cases, safer than being underprepared. 

Of course, we’d also recommend that you keep our emergency number very handy too, 01606 374020. 

On hand to help you in all tricky situations, a member of our team will be with you in no time, and we can help to reassure you and provide you with as much information and direction over the phone as possible until we get there. 


Maintaining your plumbing systems 

Below you’ll find some of our do’s and don’ts on how to help maintain your plumbing! 

  1. Avoid clogging the drain – it is not an infinite space where all debris can go!  Unfortunately, we often find that the most common drain blockages include the kitchen sink when fat is poured down and in shower rooms as they become clogged with hair and soaps.  Sink strainers can help in these instances, ensuring that not everything goes down your pipes! 
  2. Keep an eye on what you put down the toilet – ideally, the only thing that should be flushed is toilet paper!  Things like nappies, little dead fish (yes, we know you do it), feminine hygiene products, etc. should NOT be flushed down the toilet.  These items can cause leaks, burst pipes, and even worse…. sewage build up. 
  3. Look out for leaks and make sure to deal with them sooner rather than later.  Putting off getting leaky pipes or taps repaired will often only lead to bigger and more costly problems in the long run. 
  4. Do not try and fix plumbing issues on your own.  We’re experts in our field, trained and qualified to deal with a range of situations. 
  5. Check on the age of your equipment. If some appliances or fixings could do with updating, we’d advise you to update these when possible to avoid placing additional stress on them and bigger problems occurring. 

Northwich Plumbers are only one call away to help you in all emergencies – 01606 374020

Gas leaks

Do you smell something

If you smell gas, even ever so slightly, you must call the National Gas Emergency helpline on 0800 111 999 asap. 

Gas leaks are dangerous and must be dealt with as soon as possible.  So if you or a member of your household detect a gas leak or if your monthly bills are higher than normal, you must ring the national helpline number immediately, providing as much detail as you can, i.e., where the smell is strongest, which room of the house, etc. and they will send an engineer to you asap.