Boiler Maintenance Checklist

Sep 19, 2022

Maintaining your boiler on a regular basis is an essential task for any homeowner. Today we’re going to share with you our boiler maintenance checklist, which can help you to keep on top of this task and ensure your boiler remains in good condition. The more often you follow this list, the more likely you’ll be able to book a boiler repair service before it’s too late. Our team will be here to support you at any point if you think you have issues with your boiler, so don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our boiler maintenance service.

Annual Maintenance Tasks

When it comes to looking after your boiler, the tasks you need to complete should be done at various times throughout the year. We recommend working with a boiler repair service in the summer months to complete some of the annual maintenance tasks, so that you don’t have to worry about finding issues and needing heating in your home. During this annual inspection, you’ll need to inspect the system and safety valves, the fireside surfaces, operating controls, feed water pumps, chimneys, and boiler components. We recommend booking boiler maintenance near me each year with a professional, so that you can feel reassured that your boiler is in good condition ahead of the winter months.

Monthly Checklist for Your Boiler

As well as the annual service we recommend booking, you need to inspect your boiler each month or so for issues. This is something you can do yourself, and a simple visual check is usually enough each month. We recommend that you look at the combustion air piping to see if there are any blockages and leaks. From there, you should also review the relief valve discharge pipe and then the boiler relief valve, which also have a chance of leaking. Finally, look at the PVC fittings, condensate drain line, and the drain system, all of which may get blocked and cause issues for your boiler. After that, you can get in touch with our team to create a boiler maintenance plan if you notice any issues. We’ll be on hand at any time if you are concerned about leaks or blockages.

Regular Boiler Maintenance Checks

Boiler maintenance isn’t just something you need to do on a monthly or annual basis. Instead, you should keep an eye on your boiler each day or week to avoid major issues from building up. Each day, take a quick look at your boiler and see if there’s any leaking water around. Make sure the area where your boiler is stored is free from obstructions, which may cause issues in the future. Take a look at the temperature and pressure readings, which should be within the set range that’s normal for your boiler. If an error code appears, it’s time to get in touch with our team to see if there are major issues with the boiler.

Unusual noises are a sign of a faulty boiler, so always listen out for any changes to your system. While some issues may go away by themselves, we always recommend booking in for a boiler service if you find there are issues, as you never know what could happen a few weeks or months down the line when you really need your boiler to be operating. British Gas boiler maintenance is critical for homeowners in the UK before the winter months. We all know how cold it can be in December, January, and February, so you don’t want to be left without hot water and heating.

Our list here today can help you to find out if you need a boiler repair UK. As well as looking after your own boiler, you may want to follow this with any elderly relatives you have living nearby. They need to be encouraged to look after their boiler in the summer months, so that they will experience all of the benefits of a fully operational boiler come the winter. While boilers typically last for a long time without a boiler repair, you need to keep an eye and ear out for anything unusual. The sooner you can react to any strange noises or issues within your home, the more likely you’ll be to extend the life of your boiler.

An annual boiler maintenance check is essential for any homeowner to enjoy heating throughout the year. Our team will be on hand to support you with this service, but make sure you book it well in advance of the winter months. No matter the size of your property, you’ll want to ensure you are fully prepared for the colder weather to enjoy a comfortable living experience. Contact us today for more information about boiler maintenance and to work with our team to ensure your boiler is fully operational for years to come.

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