How Much Does an Emergency Boiler Replacement Cost?

Mar 20, 2022

Finding out that you need a new boiler unexpectedly is something that no one wants to be told. An emergency boiler replacement isn’t something that may be in your budget at the current time, but it’s often a necessity to help protect you and your family during the winter months. Find more information here about keeping yourself protected and the cost of a replacement boiler. We’ll be happy to support you with this task if you do find yourself needing a new boiler in a rush over the coming months.

What is the Average Cost of a Boiler Replacement?  

The cost of replacing your boiler will vary depending on many factors. The type of boiler you choose will certainly impact the cost and can stretch up to £2,000, including the delivery and installation. The location you are based in the UK will also play a part in this cost, as cities such as London demand higher rates for boiler installation. A big question regarding an emergency boiler replacement is where you will place the new boiler. If you are able to put it in the same spot as your old boiler, this will save you some money. However, if you need to put it elsewhere, expect to pay a few hundred pounds more. This is due to how complex it can be to relocate your heating system.

A regular boiler will be about £1,900 to replace, but relocation costs about £50 more. They are much more demanding to install, and, especially in London, you’ll add roughly £100 to the installation cost. If you are opting to convert your boiler to a combi boiler or system boiler, this can cost closer to £3,000. You’ll need a lot of infrastructure upgrades in order to accommodate this type of boiler, which adds about £1,000 to the work. This is certainly a huge amount of money to have to spend in an emergency, so we always recommend working with a reputable boiler repair service to ensure you aren’t overpaying for this work.

Choosing the Right Company for Your Emergency Boiler Replacement or Repair

A huge factor that you need to consider when booking an emergency boiler replacement is the company you are opting to work with. For example, a British gas emergency boiler replacement is often at the high end of the scale. Keep in mind that when you work with these large companies, you have to cover their overheads. The amount the company pays for marketing and sales teams will have a huge impact on what you pay. They don’t necessarily have your best interests at heart when it comes to the cost of boiler replacement, which can make this a lot more expensive for you.

When Do I Need an Emergency Boiler Service or Replacement?  

The cost of a replacement boiler certainly shocks a lot of homeowners. You may not realise just how much this type of work costs, which can set you back enough to take your whole family on holiday. The average cost of a boiler replacement is something you should factor into your savings, as there will come a time you may need this. One indication that you need a new boiler is that your bills are going up and up each year. If you notice your bill seems much higher than in the past year or two, this may mean it’s time to choose a more energy efficient boiler. You can save up to £200 a year with an A-rated boiler, which will soon pay you back for this replacement.

If your boiler is regularly breaking down, it’s also another clear indication that it’s time to replace it. Boiler leaks can cost a lot to sort out, which usually means it’s just easier to replace them. Replacement parts can be very hard to find with older models, making it impossible to get them repaired at one point or another. Finally, look out for your radiators too. When you find they are getting very noisy, it’s usually another sign that you could be in for a boiler replacement soon. Whenever you notice signs of issues with your boiler, we always recommend working with a professional team as soon as possible. Your health and safety are the most important thing, so keep this in mind instead of trying to cut costs.

There are so many factors that go into the cost of an emergency boiler replacement, including where you live and what type of boiler you are going to install. Our team will be happy to advise you about your current situation. We’ll work with you to find the right solution, whether that’s a boiler repair or a replacement. Contact us today for more information and to protect your family with a reliable boiler for many years to come.