How to keep your boiler in good working order

Jun 17, 2022

Having a robust boiler maintenance checklist has become an essential part of an engineer’s toolkit.

Helping to ensure reliability and longevity, boiler maintenance and regular boiler repair service can help reduce energy costs through continuing levels of efficient operation.

Making safety a top priority, now with a boiler checklist, you can ensure your equipment is performing to a high standard, always.

No longer do you have to wait for your annual service check-ups (although these are still vitally important), fixing minor issues asap before they turn into something more serious.

Boilers operate under extreme working conditions, high temperatures, and high pressures, so they must be kept in good working order.

That’s why the team at Northwich Plumbers has pulled together our boiler maintenance checklists for daily, weekly, and monthly checks that you can carry out on your systems.  

Note: If you notice any issues with your boiler or something isn’t quite right, don’t hesitate to contact a professional, gas-certified plumber to help fix the problem.

Boiler maintenance plan

To get started, you need a plan. A plan that includes how to get the most from your equipment:

  • Look for leaking water around and under your boiler
  • Keep the area around your boiler free from obstruction
  • Keep all control covers in place
  • Never close off-air to the room your boiler is stored

If possible, record temperature and pressure readings, and your service engineer can check these are within the prescribed range at the annual service

Boiler maintenance is an essential part of British Gas boiler maintenance plans; however, there are ways you can keep on top of your boiler, keeping it safe, reliable, compliant, and efficient.

Trust us when we say – following a good checklist can help minimise breakdowns and service interruptions.

Daily Checklist

  • Check the boiler vent and combustion air opening, ensuring these areas are free from dirt and debris
  • Listen for any strange noises or vibrations coming from the boiler.
  • Check water level gauge and drain gauge glass where appropriate
  • Check all operating controls
  • Remove any dirt and grime
  • If an error code appears, contact your service contractor asap

Weekly Checklist

  • Check all links, connections, and pipework
  • Check for any irregularities in the burner and flame
  • Inspect valve operations
  • Check pilot and igniter

Monthly Checklist

Your monthly boiler maintenance is a lot more intensive, and includes:

  • Visually checking all piping and vents for any leaks, deterioration, signs of blockage, etc
  • Checking valves, especially boiler relief valves, for any leaks or weeping (a leak can cause a drop in pressure, causing the system to use more fuel than is efficiently necessary)
  • Checking for condensation, inspecting all fittings, and drains (paying particular attention to blockages in drain traps if your system is a condensing boiler)
  • Making sure you always have a clear view of the burner flame and test flame detection controls
  • Keeping air filters clean, checking for sludge build-up at the bottom of the boiler
  • Checking the function of floor drains and fresh air inlet screens
  • Flushing drain low water cut off and monitoring the volume of water added to the boiler

Quarterly Checklist

Your quarterly boiler checklist can be an essential, intensive part of boiler repair. The checklist should include:

  • Examining boiler piping for leaks and testing tube joints and safety valves
  • Inspecting the burner flame – if this looks even slightly different, search for `boiler maintenance near me` asap for professional help
  • Checking low water cut-off (water levels within your boiler should always remain at the appropriate levels)
  • Checking for any electrical defects
  • Cleaning your boiler inside and out
  • Checking gas regulator pressure settings

Annual boiler repair UK service

Once a year, you should inspect burners and gaskets for leaks, test all system valves and safety valves, clean the low water cut-off, inspect all electrics, check fuel oil levels, clean and tune all components, and more.

An annual boiler service is primarily carried out by a qualified engineer, licensed and experienced, to carry out such prescribed service inspections. This can be essential as having your boiler serviced annually will also maintain your boiler warranty.  

The technician will:

  • Rigorously inspect your heating system and carry out any boiler repairs as necessary
  • Ensure connections (including all pipe and joint connections) and wiring is intact, cleaning and inspecting all boiler components in the process
  • Clean and flush the system
  • Check all flame sensors, igniters, and burners
  • Inspect vent terminations and air inlets for blockages
  • All control settings must be checked and tested for safety and efficient operation.
  • Assess and check that the boiler is functioning as effectively as it should be.

We always advise that you abide by the manufacturer’s guidelines and follow their instructions. Every boiler is unique, so these guidelines really must be taken into consideration every time.

If boilers are not appropriately maintained or serviced to a high standard, they will wear much faster, causing them to expire sooner.

If something doesn’t seem right with your boiler, call the professionals at Northwich Plumbers today.

Experts in our field, we provide a boiler maintenance service that is best in class. Lengthening the life of your equipment, improving safety, and increasing reliability, we help your boiler achieve optimum performance and superior efficiency; call us today on 01646 601 992.

Better maintenance = less energy consumption = cost savings!