Need an Emergency Plumber?

Jan 29, 2021

It’s a dreaded situation for us all. There’s water leaking from one of our pipes under the sink, or even worse, through the ceiling, and we have no idea what has caused it or how to stop it. In these situations, we can feel helpless and panicked, and if we notice it in the evening or at night, it’s difficult to know what to do. Some people head straight for Google and call out an emergency plumber right away, to stop the situation from getting worse.

While it’s always a great idea to speak to an expert if you’re worried about a leak, there are some things you can do before calling an emergency plumber and incurring a hefty expense for an out of hours callout. In this post, we take a look at things to consider if you find a leak in your house.

Diagnose the issue

This might seem like a simplistic place to begin but diagnosing the problem should really be your first port of call. If you notice a leak from somewhere and you haven’t identified the source, then its good practice to see if you can spot where the leak is coming from before contacting a plumber. After you have diagnosed the problem, you can then decide whether something requires urgent attention. 

For example, if a pipe under your sink is leaking at a drip, you could perhaps look at ways of plugging the leak and mopping up to protect the area from the damage. It may be the case that you could then call a plumber first thing in the morning to save the out of hours charge. However, if you have water coming in from an unknown source at a fast rate and it’s difficult to identify where it’s coming from, then it’s best to call a plumber to get some expert advice before the problem gets any worse.

Consider if it’s your problem to fix

Sometimes leaking pipes or bust water sources can cause a lot of damage, but they might not be your problem to fix. For example, if you can’t find the source and you think it may be of your property or on a communal piece of land, you should try to contact your water company or utility provider and ask them about the problem. They will then let you know if the problem is yours or whether it is something that they will come and fix for you. Reporting leaks from public water sources is important and helps utility companies identify and fix the problem.

Moreover, if you are not a homeowner and you’re renting your property, consider contacting your landlord before calling a plumber. It might be the case that your landlord works with a particular provider or will sort the problem for you, without you having to pay the call-out charge of the plumber. This is also the case if the problem exists at your place of work or in a commercial setting. Before contacting a plumber or your utility company, you should contact the landlord directly and ask them for advice about fixing the problem

Move any valuables away from the source

Even if you decide to call an emergency plumber, make sure you secure all of your valuables away from the leak or issue to avoid them being unnecessarily damaged. Even if the problem only seems small, to begin with, sometimes it can get worse over time, and if you haven’t moved your valuables at the start, you may regret it a little further down the line. While your valuables may be covered by your home insurance policy, it’s still not a risk that you should take and you should seek to protect your valuables against water damage wherever possible.

Turn off the water supply

This should be one of the first steps you take after diagnosing the problem. Most plumbing disasters come from an oversupply of water from a particular source, so shutting off the water and stopping its flow will help to isolate the problem and will give your plumber time to arrive. Also, you should consider that if you don’t shut off the water supply, the leak can spread and potentially cause more damage to your home. It is also true that leakages can lead to fires, as it can short-circuit electrical items in your property. Simply, if you’re not sure about the source of your leak and you are waiting for an expert to come, turn off your water supply before things get out of hand.

Call an expert

If you haven’t done so already, once you have diagnosed your problem and shut off the water source, you should call a plumber. If you think the situation can wait until the morning, then you can save yourself some money by not calling a plumber out of hours. Having said that, if it is a significant problem for you and the water is shut off is a massive inconvenience, then it’s better to call a plumber out of hours to be on the safe side.

When you call a plumber, try to be clear about what the problem is as best you understand it, to give him/her an idea of what tools they might need to repair the problem and any parts they could bring with them. In the modern-day, it’s a good idea to take a couple of pictures on your smartphone and share them with your plumber, as this may help them to diagnose the problem and offer you any advice before they arrive.

Need an emergency plumber?

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