How to Prevent Clogs in Commercial Drains

Apr 20, 2023

Clogged drains can be an absolute nightmare to deal with. Learning how to prevent clogs in commercial drains can make a huge difference to your plumbing and save you time and money in the long run dealing with these issues. Today we’re going to share our top tips to prevent a clogged drain. Go to this page to learn more about how we can help you if you do find you are experiencing plumbing issues in your home or workplace in the future.

Put Signs Up in Your Bathrooms and Kitchens

The most common areas we find clogs in commercial buildings are within the kitchens and bathrooms. If you have areas where you are experiencing regular clogged drains, the best clogged drain prevention tip we can share is to educate your team members or clients more. This could involve putting up signs in bathrooms and kitchens sharing what they can and can’t do to stop these areas getting clogged up. If you find people are flushing things down the toilet which are causing blockages, a simple sign could make someone think twice about doing that again. This can save you time in the long run and the need to work with a commercial plumber in Northwich just by putting up a few simple signs around your workplace.

Regular Drain Flushing

In order to prevent clogged drains, you’ll want to make sure you are regularly flushing them out to avoid any type of build-up. We recommend using a commercial drain cleaner liquid that’s designed for these types of properties and components. You can do this as often as once a week depending on the level of usage certain areas of your building receive. It will help to prevent drain clogs and keep everything flowing better in the future. You should also check your drain stoppers and clean them out, as there is often gunk and debris that builds up here and can cause more blockages.

Install a Strainer

Adding a strainer to your drains can help to catch hair and other problematic debris that often builds up in sinks. This is a very cheap and easy product to install and will help to stop food from clogging up your drains in a kitchen as well. You can install this by yourself, but if you do need help, our commercial plumbing service in Northwich will be able to recommend the best option for your unique needs. We’ll be here to support you in improving your drainage and helping to avoid future clogged drains which can cause a whole range of plumbing issues.

Keep a Plunger On Hand

One of the easiest tools to use to help unclog drains is a plunger. We recommend having a few of these around your workplace to ensure that you can keep your toilets, sinks, and other drains clear and working properly. Make sure you choose a plunger that has a very good seal to help get into the pipes that you have in your workplace. It usually takes a few tries to free up clogs, but this is the cheapest and easiest tool to try before calling a professional plumber for further help.

Report Issues Straight Away

A common problem we notice in workplaces is that people are reluctant to admit they’ve clogged up a drain or report an issue. This delayed reporting only leads to more issues with your plumbing and can cause a range of problems in the long run. When educating your team members and visitors about clogs, make sure you also tell them how to report an issue. The sooner you can get in touch with a plumbing service, the more likely we’ll be able to easily resolve the issue and get your plumbing back to good condition as soon as possible. We highly recommend having a local plumber’s phone number on hand at all times in your phone, which will allow you to quickly get in touch with them when needed to alleviate any issues and get your workplace back to being fully operational.

These are just a few of the best ways to prevent clogs in commercial drains. The more regularly you can maintain and care for your drains, the less likely you’ll need to pay for expensive repairs and maintenance in the future. If you do find that you are experiencing clogs in your workplace, make sure you get in touch with our team straight away to resolve the issue. We’ll be on hand at any time to answer your questions and support you with issues in your workplace. No matter how big or small the problem is, get in touch with us today to discuss your current concerns and book an appointment with our team of professionals to resolve any issues you are experiencing.