How to Remove Hair From a Drain

Sep 14, 2023

Hair is one of the most common things to clog up drains and can be a huge nuisance for your plumbing system. If you find that hair frequently builds up in your shower or bath, learning the ways to get hair out of your drains is an essential task. Today we’re going to share some of the easiest ways to remove hair from your bathtub or sink so that you reduce the chance of causing more issues to your plumbing system. Visit our page to learn more about how we can support you if you do find you have plumbing issues you can’t resolve alone in the future.

Use Tweezers to Remove the Hair

When you have just a small amount of hair to remove from the drain or it’s thinner and shorter pieces of hair, then using a pair of tweezers or a similar tool is the easiest option. This can also be a good choice when a plunger doesn’t work or to pick up little ends of hair that are left. You’ll need to remove the drain stopper first if there’s one in place, which may require a screwdriver too. Then use a flashlight to look at the blockage and see if further work will be needed. Use gloves to protect yourself as you are using your tweezers to remove the hair and finish off the process by flushing out the drain with hot water to remove any small pieces of leftover hair.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

A plunger is one of the top tools to keep in your bathroom when it comes to removing hair from a drain. However, before you attack the drain with a plunger, we recommend using a mixture of soda and vinegar to help loosen up the hair clog. Start by putting some dish soap down the drain. You follow this will a cup of vinegar and then a cup of baking soda. Leave the mixture for about five minutes to do its magic, and then rinse with a cup of hot water. You’ll find that a lot of the clog will naturally disintegrate when you use this mixture, but then you can use a plunger to remove the rest. The process can be repeated again until you are finished removing hair from your shower drain.

Use a Drain Snake

If these two tips we’ve shared above don’t work and you are still reluctant to call out commercial plumbing in Northwich, then consider investing in a drain snake for your bathroom. This is a tool that you can keep on hand at all times for when you find that you have clogs of any shape and size. You may even want to try using a metal coat hanger first, as this is a cheap and easy alternative to a drain snake. Drain snakes can be purchased online or in a hardware store and they help to break up the clog and then scrape the walls of the drain clean. You can flush out the drain with baking soda and vinegar like we shared above after for a complete clean and to make sure your drains won’t get blocked up again anytime soon.

Call Commercial Plumbers in Northwich

Commercial plumbers in Northwich will be here to support you at any time with removing hair from your bathroom sink drain. While we encourage you to try out the techniques we’ve shared above first, you may find that removing hair from a bathtub drain is just too much of a challenge to tackle alone. During our careers, we’ve seen and experienced every type of clog, so you can be sure we’ll find a way to resolve the issue you are currently experiencing.

Once you’ve tried the ideas we’ve shared earlier, then call us up and we’ll be able to book you in for the next appointment we have available. We encourage you not to delay in making this phone call, as the longer you leave the drain clog, the harder it may be to resolve this issue. We have all of the tools that are needed to overcome even the worst clogs and will be here to support you with this task.

Are you struggling with removing hair from a drain in your home? Try out the ideas we’ve shared above first, but if your clog is too severe, give our team of professionals a call. No challenge is too big or small for us, and we’ll be happy to help restore your sink, shower, or bathtub to working condition once again. In the future, try to remove hair after each shower to avoid a build-up and keep your plumbing system working well. Contact us today to discuss any concerns you have or to book an appointment with our team.