Repair or Replace Your Boiler – Which is the Best Solution?

Oct 12, 2021

A question our team is commonly asked is how often should a boiler be replaced? There are many factors that influence this decision, and when dealing with an emergency boiler repair, sometimes replacement is the only option. Keep reading as we share our advice on when to repair or replace your boiler or click here for further information.

How Many Years Should a Boiler Last For? 

If your boiler has been working for twenty years or more, we understand that you might be reluctant to replace it if it seems to be working perfectly fine. However, at some point, you’ll find that your boiler will fail, and you could be left with no heating or hot water in your home. With modern and energy-efficient models on offer now, you’ll find that you can save money on your bills when you switch to a newer model. When your old boiler starts to break down regularly and needs maintenance, you’ll find this can start to add up, and it’s cheaper to think about a replacement. As with any type of equipment you use on a regular basis, there comes a time when you have to decide that it’s not a good option to fix it another time.

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Boiler 

There are certain key signs that it’s time to replace your boiler as opposed to repair it. One of these is when boiler repair maintenance is no longer possible due to parts being out of production. An emergency boiler repair service won’t be able to repair your boiler without certain parts, and when a boiler is twenty years old, sometimes these manufacturers no longer produce the parts. If you notice your water is not heating up as quickly as it used to or getting to your desired temperature, this is another sign that it’s time to replace your boiler.

Any strange noises that your boiler starts making are a good indication of it being time for a replacement. These could include whistling, banging, gurgling, or shrieking. Leaking and dripping is something else to look out for as your boiler gets older, and poor water pressure is another common issue you might experience at some point or another. As well as offering you improved operations, you’ll find a new boiler will also save you energy and money in the long run. Upgrading to an A-rated boiler will increase your energy efficiency and save you up to £305 a year.

Repairing Your Boiler 

As you can see, there are many times where an emergency boiler repair service can’t fix your boiler, but this isn’t always the case. If you’ve reviewed the above section about replacing my boiler and decided that our boiler could still be fixed, then you have the option to repair your boiler instead. Boiler fixing always needs to be carried out by a professional, who can also advise you when to replace a boiler. There are many common issues which can quickly be fixed by someone who is experienced in this area, and it will save you a fortune in comparison to buying a new boiler. A quick and easy fix will keep your boiler going for a few more years and ensure that you still have the hot water and heating you need in your home.

If your boiler is still under warranty, you can save money by having the parts, labour, or both of these covered under this. Just call your boiler manufacturer if you are unsure if you are still covered, who should be able to clarify what you will be covered for. There are so many common issues that plumbers can fix for you in just a short visit, and we can also assist with your radiators or other similar issues in your home. We’ll check for leaks during a maintenance visit and identify any areas of concern to ensure they don’t become bigger problems further down the line. For this reason, we always recommend working with a Gas Safe registered engineer who can maintain and fix your boiler and keep it in top condition for many years to come.

When it comes to deciding whether you need to replace or repair your boiler, there’s no one size fits all answer. Instead, you’ll want to think about how old your boiler is and how regularly you have to replace parts. If this starts to become too much of an expense and you aren’t covered by your warranty, it’s time to consider a replacement. Contact our team today for more information and to discuss any concerns you may have about your boiler. We’ll offer you honest advice about whether you need to repair or replace your boiler so that you can offer your family a comfortable home environment for many years to come.