Simple DIY Plumbing Tasks

Mar 26, 2021

While a plumber will be essential for solving any major issues in your home, many basic plumbing tasks are well worth trying to tackle alone first. In most cases, all of these issues discussed below are easily solved without a professional’s assistance, so it’s a great idea to give them a go by yourself first to save you both time and money. Follow our guide below to DIY plumbing tasks that you can solve with quick and straightforward hacks requiring only basic plumbing skills. 

Toilet Troubles 

One of the most common reasons for calling out a professional plumber to your home is an issue with your bathroom toilet. The two most commonly seen issues are toilets that have continuously running water, or on the other hand, toilets which are clogged up and won’t flush. If your toilet is continuing to run well after flushing, this can become a costly addition to your water bill if left for too long. Within the tank of your toilet, you’ll find a flapper, which acts as a sort of plug for your running water. It may simply have popped out of place and not returned to its correct position after flushing your toilet. If that’s the case, try pressing it down, and you’ll find that your water stream might stop running to solve your issue. 

For clogged toilets, your top solution is to use a plunger. This is a handy tool to keep in your home at all times and is an essential part of any DIY plumbing kit. Often, clogged toilets can be solved on your own, as it usually just means that something is stuck in your toilet. You’ll want to place your plunger over the toilet hole, and then manoeuvre it up and down to attempt to release the item. After trying this a few times, attempt to flush the toilet again to see if your plumbing DIY skills have fixed the issue. 

Clogged Sinks and Drains 

A clogged sink is another issue that rarely requires calling a plumber, and instead just needs some basic plumbing techniques to remedy. If your kitchen sink has become clogged due to food remains, the quickest way to try to clear this is with hot water and washing powder, which you’ll leave running for a short while to clear the drain. Alternatively, for a stronger solution, try a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to clean your kitchen sink. 

When it comes to bathroom clogs, you don’t need to pay for overpriced drain cleaners, and instead can opt to use a bent wire hanger or a drain snake. You’ll insert these into your drain, and hopefully, they will hook the item which is causing the clog, allowing you to remove it. Your sink may also offer a drain catch, which could help to snag any items that could cause clogs, and allow you to remove them. 

Dropped Something Down the Sink? 

If you find you’ve dropped something precious down your sinks, such as an earring or necklace, don’t call the plumber straight away or start to panic! More often than not, your items can be retrieved, as they usually sink to the bottom of the pipe. There’s something called a P-trap located underneath your sink, and after stopping the water from running, you can attempt to rescue your missing jewellery. Put a bucket underneath before opening it, and hopefully, your missing item will drop right out once opened. 

Weak Water Flow in Your Shower 

There’s nothing worse than using a pathetic shower, which just dribbles a small amount of water, making it difficult to wash your hair and body. Before calling your plumber, try this easy plumbing DIY hack, which uses a basic household ingredient; vinegar. The aerator regulates the flow in your shower head, but it can amass limescale after a while. After unscrewing it from your shower, leave it to soak for a few hours or even overnight, and hopefully, you’ll find this reduces the limescale. Once reinstated, you should find that your shower offers a heavy flow of water again for your morning wash. 

Of course, some plumbing tasks are best left to the professionals, and should not be attempted alone at home. For a reliable and professional plumbing service, contact Northwich Plumbers, who provide both commercial and residential plumbing servicesOperating within a ten-mile radius of Northwich town centre, they also cover Cheshire and South ManchesterYou’ll be in safe hands with their friendly team, who will help to restore your plumbing to working condition in no time at all.