What Should You Do If Your Boiler Breaks Down?

Sep 8, 2021

A boiler breaking down isn’t something that any homeowner wants to go through. However, knowing how to react if this does happen in your home is important for anyone to understand, as it can save you and your family from further difficulties should this issue arise. Here at Northwich Plumbers, we’ll be more than happy to help should you find your boiler breaks down, so don’t hesitate to contact our team for assistance during an emergency situation.

Contact Your Insurance Company 

The first step for anyone with a broken boiler is to contact your insurance company. They’ll be able to contact a local engineer to visit your home, and they’ll hopefully be able to cover either all or part of the cost. Of course, this situation will vary depending on the coverage you currently have. Make sure you are always paying for your insurance each year and that you are covered for any emergencies that may occur.

Is Your Home Safe to Live In? 

When you find your boiler not working, you also need to think carefully about whether you should remain in your home. Sometimes a boiler won’t be able to arrive within the next day or two, so think about whether you can relocate to a nearby friend or family member’s home. Sometimes, your boiler may take a day or two to repair, so you may want to stay out of the way while this work is being completed.

Is Your Boiler Still Covered by the Warranty? 

When you’ve just purchased a new boiler, the last thing you expect to happen is a boiler breakdown. Sadly, this does still happen to some homeowners, so if you’ve only had your boiler for a short period of time, make sure you give the manufacturer a call to find out if they can offer you any assistance. For new boilers, this will sometimes mean you are fully covered, and your local boiler repairs bill is paid in full by the company.

Find a Gas Safe Registered Engineer 

While a broken down boiler is very inconvenient for you and your family, it’s important to know that it can also be dangerous. Therefore, we encourage you to find a local Gas Safe registered engineer who is on call 24 hours a day. Even during the weekends and around bank holidays, you’ll still be able to receive the assistance you need as soon as possible. You’ll need to provide them with as much detail as possible about the issues you are facing, which will help them to come up with the right solution and get round to your home quickly.

What to Do if You Rent Your Property 

For anyone that doesn’t own their home, make sure you call up your landlord when the boiler breaks down. They should be the first point of contact in this situation, and they may have an engineer that they’ve used in the past on call. You should always be honest about any issues that occur within your apartment or home, and make sure your landlord knows when you first noticed the issue with the boiler. Remember, it’s not your fault at all, so don’t be ashamed about making this phone call.

Looking After Your Family 

Without hot water and heating, it can be very dangerous to leave elderly relatives and younger children in your home during the winter months. If you think your home is not warm enough to remain in, find a temporary solution for the next few days until your boiler is repaired. For anyone who is remaining in their home, make sure you keep yourself nice and warm during this time. Wear extra layers and winter clothing, and avoid any draughts in your home. Try to make your bedroom as warm as possible at night-time, to avoid you getting ill or not being able to sleep at night.

When you find the repairs are taking longer than expected, consider purchasing an electric heater or other warming accessories to keep you cosy during this time. Of course, it won’t offer the same warmth as your central heating, but it will be a good investment in case you do have this issue again in the future.

For anyone who has just experienced a boiler breakdown, it can be incredibly frustrating waiting for a boiler repair. If you do find yourself in this situation, make sure you contact local boiler repair services as soon as possible to look after your health and your family. Especially in the wintertime, you’ll want to have a backup plan in case this does occur, as it could put your family at risk. As with anything in life, prevention is the best cure, so ensure you are receiving regular boiler maintenance to avoid your boiler not turning on in the first place.

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