Why Has My Water Bill Been Rising?

Jul 20, 2021

There’s nothing worse than reviewing your bills each month to notice that they are steadily increasing in price. Many homeowners experience this issue with water bills from time to time, and sometimes, the reasons for these unexpected price increases can be quite unclear. Today, we’re going to look at the top reasons why your water bill has been rising in price recently. While some of these issues can easily be resolved by yourself, a plumber in Northwich is always available when needed to resolve more serious concerns you may be facing.

Old Fixtures or Toilets in Your Home

If you haven’t updated the plumbing fixtures in your home since you moved in, this is one of the top high water bill causes. Old toilets and fixtures offer poor efficiency, and when compared to the modern solutions available to you today, you’ll find they are not the best option on offer. When you upgrade your bathroom, you could consider adding shower heads that save water or low-flow toilets that offer the same benefit. This shouldn’t necessarily be a sudden issue, but over the months and years, you may notice you need more plumbing work and your bill increases in price. Assess your fixtures one at a time and decide if now is the time when you need to update your bathrooms to save you money in the long run.

A Leaky Toilet

One of the most common reasons a water bill is high is due to a leaky or running toilet. Toilets make up a huge percentage of your home’s water use, so when they leak or run constantly, you can add a massive sum to your water bill for the month. If you suspect this may be the issue behind your rising bills, first stop and listen to the toilet. A hissing sound is a clear indication that there is something wrong. This issue may be caused by the seals, tank, or water line connection.

Alternatively, you can put dye or food colouring into your toilet’s tank and see if it makes its way into the bowl. If you find the colour appears in the bowl after about twenty minutes, it’s clear there’s a fault occurring. If it’s just an issue with the tank flapper, you may be able to resolve this yourself. Otherwise, at that point, call a plumber in Northwich for further assistance and to resolve this issue that’s causing your mounting bills.

Other Leaking Fixtures

Your toilets aren’t the only culprits when it comes to leaking and wasting water in your home. Leaky taps are another common occurrence. While you may think a few drops won’t do any harm to your water bills, over days and weeks, this will soon waste a huge amount of water. Oftentimes, this is just a case of the washer needing to be replaced. If this seems to be the issue, shut off the water supply and unscrew the handle. From there, you can remove the bad washer and put a new one in its place.

Seasonal Water Use Increases

During certain times of the year, you may find that your water use increases quite significantly. If you have a paddling pool or hot tub you use throughout the month, this is naturally going to use up a huge amount of water in the process. During the summer or Christmas time, you may have extra guests staying in your home. All the extra showers and baths they need will soon push up the water bill. Keen gardeners may also notice an increase in the spring and summer months as they start to spend more time watering their plants and tending to their garden. While you may not think these actions would dramatically impact your bill, when added together, they can soon be one of the causes for a high water bill.

Installing New Appliances 

If you’ve recently installed a new appliance into your home, it may turn out to be much less environmentally friendly than your previous one. While many appliances today are more eco-friendly than old ones, ensure you ask for this information before making your purchase to avoid any issues happening after installation. Look for certifications and stickers on the device which showcase its eco-friendly rating. You may want to just ensure the plumbing work was completed to a satisfactory level, as this may also be causing the issue with a new appliance. 

Seeing an increase in your water bill can certainly be concerning. For many homeowners, today, keeping water bills down is one of their top priorities. We are all looking to avoid issues in our bathrooms, but sometimes we are spending more time and energy unclogging hair from drains rather than looking out for leaks. If you see your bill has jumped up dramatically, do a self-assessment of your home before seeking professional assistance for this matter. Most of these issues can easily be resolved by yourself or with a plumber repair, so take action immediately to reduce your bills to their normal levels again.