A Guide to Plumbing Sounds In Your Home

Jul 6, 2021

While some sounds in our bathrooms are quite familiar to us, it can always be a bit disconcerting to hear an unusual plumbing sound. Noisy water pipes may not be anything to worry about, but in some cases, you’ll find you need to recruit the services of local plumbing companies. Today we’re going to share with you a complete guide to plumbing noises and what you should do if you hear these noises in your home. Go to this page for more assistance with your plumbing concerns. 

1. Shaking

When water runs through your pipes, they will always shake. However, this shaking sound isn’t something you should notice within your home. If you find the shaking sound is particularly loud and distracting, your pipes probably need to be secured more firmly. The mounting straps that secure your pipes to the walls can easily be fixed by yourself, but if this is something you don’t feel comfortable with, you may want to call in the help of plumbing companies. If you find the parts have completely detached themselves from the walls, you’ll need to look at getting these replaced instead. 

2. Banging

A banging sound is probably one of the most unexpected noises you might associate with your plumbing. When you first turn the water on anywhere in your home, you might hear a banging sound, which is sometimes called a water hammer. This is something that you’ll certainly want to give the necessary attention to as if this continues to happen, it could loosen your pipes or damage them. Plumber work will be needed to clear the air chambers which are situated in the pipe valves. When these become filled with water, they’ll need clearing, and any further damaged parts may need to be replaced at the same time. 

3. AScreechingSound 

Screeching sounds are certainly not something you want to experience in your home. This sound sometimes occurs when you first turn on your tap, and it sounds like a very high-pitched screech before the water then starts to flow out. These noises are usually associated with the faucet, as opposed to your pipes. When the faucet is loose or has a faulty part, this can cause this horrible sound. It can be quite a shock the first time you hear the screeching, but when it continues, you’ll want to ensure you call a local plumber to assist you. When you find you have a faulty part in your faucet, you may also find that you experience dripping. This can result in a high water bill, which is something any homeowner will want to avoid. 

4. Gurgling

Gurgling is one of the most common plumbing sounds in homes today, but it’s not one you should just ignore. This usually happens when a clog occurs in your drains, which stops water from making its way down. This can either be an issue that’s specific to one drain, but if it happens in any drain, your drain vents will need some attention from a plumber. Drain vents need to be replaced by a professional, otherwise, they will cause air bubbles in your drains and this unusual gurgling sound. Reach out to a plumber if you are experiencing this issue for assistance and advice. 

5. Whistling

Whistling is a noise that most often can be heard during a shower. This usually comes about as a result of a blocked shower head. If you think this may be the case, this is something you can resolve by yourself at home. Remove the showerhead and clean it with a solution of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. If that doesn’t make a difference and the whistling continues, replace your shower head to alleviate the noise. 

6. Knocking

The last unusual plumbing sound on our list today is associated with your water heater. Knocking from the water heater comes about when there’s a sediment build-up. Water heaters need to be regularly maintained, otherwise, this issue is bound to occur. You’ll want to contact a plumber to resolve this issue, and from then on, ensure you are booking regular maintenance checks. 

Sounds of any type in your home can be spooky and annoying to deal with. Pipes making noise can be quite disconcerting in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, so we encourage you to resolve these issues as soon as possible. As you can see, most of these issues aren’t going to go away by themselves, and you’ll want to enlist the help of a local plumbing company to assist with your troubles. A plumber will be able to identify the source of the noise and assess what needs to be repaired or replaced to stop this from occurring any longer. By sorting out the problem immediately, you can avoid further issues happening and minimise the costs associated with plumbing work.