The Best Boiler for a Small House or Flat

Feb 11, 2022

As a homeowner, you might be wondering if you are using the right boiler for the size of your house. This is a common question we receive from people who live in smaller homes or flats, as they are looking to find the right solution for the size of their property. Go to this page for more information about our boiler repair service. We’ll be here to help you find the right solution for your home, no matter what shape or size your house is.

What is the Best Boiler for a Smaller Home?

If you have a smaller home, you might be wondering if finding a good boiler is as important as having a larger property. It’s just as important to find the right boiler, no matter what size your home is. Even if you just have a single bathroom, you’ll find that the wrong boiler can increase your energy bill significantly if you don’t choose the right one. A small home will usually benefit from a gas combi boiler, which doesn’t have a tank that needs the space your flat or home might not have. They offer you water on demand, so you’ll never have to worry about waiting for the water to heat up for your shower or bath again.

The size of a boiler is measured in its output, which you’ll see noted in kilowatts. This measurement shares the energy output that your boiler will produce as far as heat. The more heat that’s needed, the higher the output you should look for when purchasing a boiler. However, a bigger boiler doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more effective. When you find the right boiler for your home, you’ll benefit from lower energy bills. This is a saving we all need to try and make, and you’ll really appreciate the drop in your energy bills by making the right choice.

It’s very important to choose a boiler based on its size. A bigger boiler would just be a waste of money for a small homeowner. Instead, you’ll want to find the right one based on the number of bathrooms you have. A small home with one bathroom will find the best boiler to be between 24 and 27 kW. This increases to 28 to 34 kW if you have two or three bedrooms. Finally, the larger sizes on the market are important for homes with a high demand for hot water. This could be due to the number of people who live there and the number of radiators and bathrooms you need to supply.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Which is the Best Boiler

To find the right house boiler, there are certain things to keep in mind. Our boiler repair service will be happy to assess your current boiler. We offer boiler repair in Northwich for homes of any size and will be able to check if your house’s boiler is functioning properly. Firstly, consider hot water demand when choosing the best gas boiler. If you don’t need hot water, much, you definitely don’t need a bigger boiler. Boilers for houses also depend on the number of radiators you have in your home. If you have less than 10, a small boiler will do, but you’ll need to upgrade to the next size if you have around 15.  

Our boiler repair team also suggest looking at water pressure, but this is more of a concern for older properties. A house boiler will usually run okay when it has a high-pressure water supply, but this might change the size of the boiler you choose. Make sure you find a model that’s designed for your type of home, or you might completely waste your time and energy putting this on your property this year. 

Finding Space for Your New Boiler

The biggest challenge we notice for smaller homeowners is that they don’t always have so much space to put their boiler in the home. You need to try and find one that can fit into a cupboard, based on the space that you have in your home. No doubt you already have a cupboard designated for this use, but newly built properties will need to consider this. A gas certified engineer will help you find a boiler that will offer you the right heat energy rate, which will help to heat your home up quickly. This is so important in the UK, where our winters can be very cold. No matter the size of your home, you want to stay safe and healthy all winter long.

A new boiler can range from £500 to £2,500. You’ll want to find one that’s within your budget, but also keep in mind the cost of labour and repair. You might need to make upgrades in the future to other components in your home, which can be very costly. Make sure you compare quotes to avoid being overcharged for any element of your boiler installation.

Contact us today for more information about installing a boiler in your small house or flat. We’ll help you find the right solution for your property to keep you safe and warm all year long. 

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