DIY plumbing repairs vs. Professional plumbing services – The Showdown

Jan 1, 2021

With the number of DIY and home improvement programs now on our screens, as well as a YouTube tutorial for pretty much everything imaginable, it’s no wonder we often think that we can tackle those odd jobs around the home ourselves! 

Not only goes doing it yourself mean you save money, but it can also give you that feel-good, rewarding sensation. 

But and trust us, there is a HUGE but, when it comes to plumbing, not everyone is an expert.  And no longer can you take pride in the fact you have stopped the kitchen tap from leaking because now there is water continuously seeping out, and it’s more than likely going to cost you a lot more to now repair! 

DIY plumbing repairs 

If you are considering tackling some DIY plumbing, you must consider: 


You may think you’re saving by not hiring local plumbers, but do you have all the equipment and tools you need, or do these have to be purchased?  Will you be paying retail prices or trade prices?  And have you thought about the additional cost if something goes wrong? 


We’d advise you to steer away from starting a plumbing job where time is of the essence, i.e., just before you go on holiday or before you have family and friends around.  This is to provide you with some breathing space so you can take your time on the job and, if something goes wrong, you have time to call in the professionals! 


It will probably be the case that you don’t have all the tools or specialist equipment that is often required to get the job done effectively and efficiently. 

We need professional plumbing companies in the world. 

Yes, it’s true, not all plumbing issues require complicated repairs, and, in some situations, it can be quite simple and straightforward to fix things yourself. 

However, many of the videos and tutorials we see on social media make these repairs seem much easier than they really are. 

Reasons why you need a professional plumber: 

You may misdiagnose the problem – a dripping tap, for example, may be leaking for several reasons, i.e., the seal has broken or cracked, there’s a blockage in the system, a water pipe fitting has become loose, etc.  These DIY repairs will often become a case of trial and error, which can be more costly to you.  Using professional plumbing services means the plumber can locate the source of the problem asap and rectify the situation, ensuring your time and money aren’t wasted.  To properly fix the problem, you need to diagnose it accurately. 

You’ve made the problem worse – for example, your drains have become clogged, and water is draining away slowly, if at all.  To help, you pour an abundance of drain cleaner down your pipes in the hope of unblocking the problem.  However, the pipes don’t unblock as the problem is much bigger than simply a build-up of sludge in your drains.  Now, as well as still having clogged drains, the inside of your pipes have started to corrode from the chemical drain cleaner.   Trust us, sometimes even the simplest of plumbing jobs can lead to disaster.  You need the know-how and the experience of a professional plumber. 

You cause an accident – no one goes out of their way to put themselves in danger when carrying out a plumbing job; however, accidents do happen – especially if you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing. 

You don’t know your pipes – there are many types and sizes of pipes, valves, connections, and more that help to ensure your home has a good supply of clean water and a heating system that works. These makes putting the wrong type of pipe in the wrong place very dangerous.  With the chances of causing water pressure issues, burst pipes, clogs, leaks, corrosion, and more, you’re better leaving your pipework to registered plumbing and heating companies. 

You’re not trained in the field – trained plumbers possess a skill set that they have learned, developed, and perfected over time.  They’re involved in a wide variety of plumbing situations daily, so 99.9% of the time, they can come up with a solution in an instant and repair the problem to a high standard. 

DIY jobs around the home can give you a sense of great satisfaction; however, it can also cause a lot of frustration. 

The Northwich plumbing team has the right tools, knowledge, and experience to carry out all jobs safely and to a high standard. 

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