Is now the time to call the plumber?

Jan 15, 2021

Sometimes, we can put off certain things that need tackling around the house and leave such odd jobs for a `rainy day.` However, when it comes to plumbing, tackling these jobs head-on should never be underestimated or put off for another day. 


Because pretending that that dripping tap doesn’t bother you or that you can’t really hear the toilet’s continuous run will only lead to more significant and more expensive problems in the long run. 

Of course, repairing these issues yourself might be an option.  But if you aren’t trained or experienced in the world of plumbing, you could make matters much worse, and there’s also the safety aspect to consider too! 

Below, we’ve provided some scenarios when calling a local plumber should be your first port of call. 

Signs you need a plumber 

You don’t have enough hot water 

If you have limited or no hot water, then your water heater may not be working as effectively as it should be.  This isn’t a situation you can fix on your own, and you need gas safe registered plumbing companies to help. 

You don’t have enough water. 

Water trickling out of your taps is never the best situation to experience at any time. Unfortunately, many reasons, such as frozen pipes, leaks in the pipework, and more, can cause this situation.  You need 24-hour plumbing service in these instances—someone who is available day or night, seven days a week.   Coming fully equipped with the diagnostic tools required to identify the problem and the source quickly and effectively. 

Water is trickling from your appliances. 

If your water pressure drops, you will experience a slow flow of water.  This can result from a build-up of sediment in the pipes, which has clogged the water’s flow.  Cracked or leaking pipes are also a sign of low water pressure.  Poor water pressure can play havoc with your water bills, so trust us, the sooner this problem is fixed, the better! 

There’s a persistent drip coming from your taps. 

If you have a persistent drip coming from a tap, tightening new brackets or tapes might fix the problem.  However, if the drip doesn’t stop, it might be due to a crack or leak in the pipework. 

Drains have become clogged. 

Clogged or blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing problems we encounter.  From overflowing toilets to blocked sinks and shower basins, there is only so much your drains can take.  Unfortunately, just looking down your plughole won’t provide you with the solution you need.  Professional plumbers use specialist tools to unblock clogs and blockages without causing further damage to your pipes. Knowing when to call a plumber is vital to help get your water running smoothly asap. 

The water is starting to gurgle in your appliances. 

Gurgling is your drainage system’s way of looking for air.  This can occur when your drains become clogged, and water gets trapped in the faucet. 

Unfortunately, if this problem isn’t addressed asap, it can result in water gurgling out of these appliances and into your home. 

You have a burst pipe. 

Pipes can burst when the water inside them freezes, leading to significant water damage when this happens. 

Your local plumber will be able to find the burst or bulging pipe in no time, saving your home from costly damage due to flooding! 

You want to install a new appliance. 

Maybe you’re installing a new kitchen or bathroom?  Or maybe you’re replacing your old shower with an all-singing, all-dancing power shower? 

Whatever the reason, a professional plumber will be able to carry out all installation work, ensuring your plumbing system is top-notch and all in good working order. 

Your toilet keeps running. 

A running toilet doesn’t create a great deal of noise, but it is still annoying and adds to your monthly water bill!  A running toilet usually indicates a loose or broken seal around the toilet tank and the bowl, which will need to be replaced to stop the sound of running water coming from the bathroom. 

Your pipes are knocking/rattling. 

There is a range of scenarios why your pipes might make a knocking or rattling sound after you’ve used a particular appliance.  This can be from a change in water pressure, loose valves in the system, loose pipe support straps, and more. 

Your water is a little cloudy in appearance. 

If water from your tap isn’t running clear, it could mean there is air trapped in your pipes.  Or if your water is a different colour altogether, it could mean something much more serious, and you need a plumber asap. 

Ultimately, you need to ensure that the water in your home is safe for you and your family. 

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