Essential Plumbing Tools to Keep In Your Home

Jun 22, 2021

It’s impossible to plan for when a plumbing issue will occur in your home. While some issues will certainly require you to call your local plumber for assistance, others may be manageable with a few simple tools at home. Today we’re going to share with you some essential plumbing tools that we recommend any homeowner keeps in their home for when disaster strikes. View more here about plumbing solutions for your home this year. 

A Plunger

A plunger is without a doubt our top recommendation when it comes to basic tools for plumbing. Plungers can help you out of a variety of tricky situations, and they are very inexpensive to keep in your home. In fact, we recommend keeping one in every bathroom in your house. When you start to hear unusual plumbing sounds, it’s always worth seeing if you can fix the issue yourself first before calling up your local plumber. While a plunger isn’t necessarily a plumbing tool, it’s a great device to sort out clogged drains. There are two different options you can purchase; a flange plunger or a cup plunger. Most homes will want to keep a cup plunger handy, as these are the best option for unclogging your sink or bath drain. 

For toilets, you’ll want to invest in a flange plunger, as it has extra soft rubber in the cup. This helps to make the necessary seal to unclog your toilet and avoid any further mess or issues occurring. We recommend investing in both of these plungers, which can be purchased very inexpensively in a store. Always have one to hand ready for any emergencies to see if you can resolve the issue first before calling your plumber. 

A Pipe Wrench

A pipe wrench can help to loosen or tighten anything that may be a challenge to grip with other tools you have. These come in handy when you find you have pipe issues and can help to tighten and loosen the pipes as needed. If you do find you need to remove or replace your pipes, this is one of the best plumbing tools to use. However, you may want to call in professional help for this more challenging job. 

Strong Tape

A roll of very strong tape, such as duct tape, is ideal for those emergencies where you need to call up for further help. You can temporarily seal off a leaking pipe so you don’t cause further damage to your bathroom or kitchen. Duct tape is resistant to water, so it’s ideal for tackling a leak. Of course, at that point, you’ll need to search for local plumbers to come and help you out, as this is only a short-term solution. 

A Hand Auger

Plumbing companies regularly use a hand auger to clear more drastic clogs. If your plunger didn’t succeed with the task, then a hand auger is your next option. You can use this for your drains or shower, and it will attach to any hair that’s clogging up the drain and pull it out. There are also auger options for toilets, but you’ll need to purchase one specifically for that use. If you use a hand auger down your toilet, you may find you cause additional damage to the fixture. 

A Basic Wrench

For any areas that are a challenge to reach, a basic wrench makes it easy to tackle any issue before the plumbing services arrive. The long handle on this tool makes it easier to work on faucets that are located out of sight and reach. It can quickly and easily tighten or loosen faucets to help resolve any issue you are experiencing. 


Pliers are one of the best essential plumbing tools that will also come in handy for various other DIY projects around your home. Pliers come in a whole selection of shapes and sizes, but you’ll find needle nose pliers are a good option for your bathroom troubles. They are great for working on smaller fixtures. If you don’t have a hand auger, they can also work to remove the hair out of drains instead of using that tool. 

While we always recommend enlisting the help of professional plumbing services for your plumbing concerns, there are some smaller plumbing tasks that you may want to have a go at yourself. By equipping yourself with all of these plumbing tools listed above, you’ll find you will have no issue tackling some of the most common plumbing concerns in your bathroom or kitchen. It’s always worth trying to resolve an issue as quickly as possible if you feel up to the task. Of course, if you do find your issue is too challenging to tackle alone, call up one of the top plumbing companies for assistance to avoid doing further damage to your home.