Looking After Your Boiler During the Winter Months

Dec 21, 2021

It’s been another cold winter here in the UK, and one thing we recommend any homeowner does is check their boiler. Boiler care in the winter months is more important than any other time of the year. There are so many risks for people of all ages with winter boiler problems, but a quick check can help to avoid this from occurring in your home. If you do notice that you are experiencing any of these issues in your house, make sure you contact a boiler repair service immediately to avoid further issues from happening.

Book a Boiler Service for the Winter

Working with a gas safe registered engineer is the best way to check your boiler during the winter months. We recommend booking this as soon as possible after the new year, as it’s a busy time of year for any boiler maintenance team. You’ll find that companies are often dealing with boiler repair emergencies, but it’s much better to check your boiler out instead of waiting until an emergency occurs. When the freezing weather hits the UK, it’s much more likely that you’ll experience a breakdown. A quick visit from a boiler repair service will keep your family safe and sound, which should be your top priority during the winter months.

A visit from a boiler repair engineer will begin with a visual check of your boiler. You can also carry this out yourself in the future to check that your pipework and boiler are in the right position. From there, your engineer will check the boiler is fully functioning and clean any parts that are hidden behind the casing. Most homeowners don’t know how to maintain a boiler, which is why we always recommend leaving this task to someone who does it all day, every day. They can check the gas pressure and ensure the flow is good so that you have the perfect mix of air and gas for your home.

They’ll then move on to the electrical components to ensure the connections are well maintained. Dust often builds up in our boilers and fans, which is why they need to be cleaned regularly. The good news for homeowners is that if you do experience a boiler broken in the winter, most of them come with safety devices to make your boiler cut out if something fails suddenly. We see more frozen pipes in the winter months, which can cut out the boiler at any point. You’ll want to check your boiler temperature setting in winter to avoid your boiler losing pressure in the winter months. There are so many potential issues that can happen in any home during the winter. By protecting your home and booking a boiler repair sooner than later, you’ll ensure your family remain happy and healthy all year long.

Check Your Radiators

We all need to keep warm and cosy in our homes in the UK in the winter. As well as a boiler check or repair, we also recommend checking your radiators. When you have the heating on, walk around your home to check each of your radiators. If they are cold at the bottom, this could indicate there is trapped air within them. Bleeding your radiator is something you can do yourself, and you shouldn’t need to call a professional to help with this task. However, if the issue continues, you might need to use power flushing to clean the radiator and stop sludge from building up. You don’t want anyone in your home to become ill just due to a lack of warmth in their bedroom, so make sure you check every single one of your radiators properly.

Clean Your Boiler

If you have to wait a while for a boiler service, an easy task you can complete yourself is cleaning your boiler. Sometimes this quick clean can be enough to stop it from malfunctioning or having any issues in the future. When you remove dirt and debris, you’ll likely find that your boiler is much more effective. Just remember to keep safety in mind when you clean your boiler or leave this task to a professional if you are unsure of what to do and where to clean.

Looking after your family in the winter months should be your number one priority. Regardless of whether you’ve had your boiler for only a few years or much longer, an annual boiler service is critical before we enter the coldest months of the year. The sooner you get your boiler checked out, the less likely you will be to experience issues in the winter, leaving your family cold and at risk of becoming unwell. Contact us today for more information about looking after your boiler this winter or to discuss any concerns you may have about your boiler.

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